About Us

Trolle Sàrl has taken the origianal and authentic Italian-made airline trolleys a step further and transformed them into bespoke pieces of furniture for use in a variety of settings from homes, offices, restaurants, hotel, beauty salon, and bars to outdoor areas or for marketing and promotional activities and events. Each trolley comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be customised to your individual requirements.

We have worked to create a new marketplace for airline trolleys, both new and used/vintage. Customers include not only design enthusiasts or aviation fans but also big corporations, hairdressers, cinemas and entertainment centers etc.

We have designed special accessories such as: chopping boards ideal for the kitchen, Led lights with color programs for lounges and bars (with batteries), special shaped trays to accommodate wine bottles and coffee capsules, drawers for cutlery, glasses, bathroom supplies, CDs or office supplies etc. It is possible to charge smartphones and tablets and to listen to your preferred music using our new Bluetooth system.

Splendid, absolutely stunning, elegant, luxurious, for people who love to own a piece of aviation history in everyday living. Beside new trolleys, we offer our vintage trolleys which have flown many hours around the world on board sevaral airlines. When it is time to retire, we take them back from the airlines, we repair, clean and test them and we put a new dress on ready to be part of your everyday life. Each trolley is unique and has its own story.

Trolle Sàrl is proud of its Italian design heritage that is blended with Swiss precision and R&D. The strength of our products lies in the design, engineering and customization capabilities of all our products. A distinctive feature is the use of very light materials and alloys. All our products are made in Italy. Trolle Sàrl confirms its commitment for innovation through ideation, development and production of new products designed to reach new horizons and objectives for your everyday living.

NEW FEATURES: Refrigerator with battery , Stereo System (2 speakers) with Bluetooth.